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China chemical factory explosion kills two

Reuters reports that two persons were killed and 34 were wounded in a chemical factory explosion in China on Monday.

State media outlet CCTV reports that the explosion occurred on a Sunday afternoon in the county of Panshan in the province of Liaoning to the country’s north-east.

Local authorities have been quoted by CCTV as saying that 12 individuals remain missing following the explosion. Those who were hurt in the blast have been sent to hospitals for treatment.

The fire is contained at this time, and the residual flames are burning steadily, according to CCTV.

CCTV footage showed significant smoke and flames coming from the business, while images showed a team of firemen wearing protective gear outside the building.

Approximately 330 firemen, according to CCTV footage, were sent to the scene.

Because of inadequate safety regulations and weak enforcement, industrial accidents are widespread in China.

The Xinjiang area of north-west China saw a gold mine collapse in December, trapping 18 people beneath.

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