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England vs Australia final Ashes 2023 test on day 4

England vs Australia final Ashes 2023

Very good morning to all on England vs Australia final Ashes 2023 test match on day 3. It’s going to be very exciting session for the crowd cause England have already lead 350+ and one wicket in hand. England will try to extend their lead as much as possible. England batter Anderson and Stuart broad come to crease to extend the lead. England add just 6 runs for losing the last wicket and the target is 384 for Australia to win the final test and also win the the Ashes test 2023 on day 4.

England vs Australia final Ashes 2023 test on day 4

In the second innings Australian opener David Warner and Usman Khawaja come to chase the mam out total 384.I t’s so challenging for them cause 384 is huge run for defect in this type of crease on day 4. Australia will try to be very positive from the beginning of the second innings. Warner is on pressure cause he doesn’t show his character in the previous any of 4th test. Khawaja contribute much on the upper hand. So let’s see how they response against England’s pace attack on day 4.

England vs Australia final Ashes 2023
England vs Australia final Ashes 2023

Australian opener Warner and khawaja bat so positively and get 50 runs partnership without losing any wicket and end the 1st session Australia are 75-0.That’s is so positive and decent start for Australia on day 4
In the 2nd session both the batters score half century on day 4. Sometimes drizzle come but disturb to continue the game. Just overs bowl in the 2nd session on day 4.

And Australia are now 135-0. England bowler try hard to break the partnership and they not able to do it. Australia now are on top England are backed some points of view. Australia need more than 249 runs to win the match on day 4.England bowler’s are on pressure. Stuart broad already declared he is going to retired from test after playing this final Ashes test match 2023. Rain comes and play stopped. So wait how react the England bowlers after stopped the rain on day 4.

It’s frustration for both team. Rain still on and the umpires decided to stumps on the day 4 of the final Ashes test match. England are not happy cause they are backed in the game. It’s their do or die match. If England draw/lost this they will also lost the Ashes series 2023.On the other hand Australia are on commanding position. They need 249 runs to win the series 10 wickets in hand on day 5.

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England vs Australia final Ashes 2023 wining chance

It’s a great chance for Australia to win the Ashes series once more time and create the history again on the dairy. England try to back in the on day 5.So the 1st session of day 5 will be more more important for England to bounce back. And the crowd are also waiting how the lions response. Good by to all on day 4.

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