Four months after the ‘ferocious’ stabbing death of a Sydney woman, a man has been accused

After nearly four months of inquiry, a man has been accused with the "ferocious stabbing murder" of Sydney lady Erin Gilbert.

Gilbert, 42, was allegedly “attacked, assaulted and ferociously stabbed to death” before she was discovered dead inside her Merrylands apartment complex in April. When her husband Nic discovered her in the flat bleeding, she passed away immediately. Danny Doherty, the detective superintendent, claimed she had “catastrophic injuries.”

Murder charges have been brought against Morten Jensen, 32.

Jensen was a friend of Mr. Gilbert, according to journalists on Monday, and police today verified that Ms. Gilbert, who also went by the name Erin Mullavey, knew him.

Jensen was kept in jail until Wednesday, when he will appear in Parramatta Local Court.

According to police, there was an argument on Sunday between Ms. Gilbert, Mr. Gilbert, and Jensen that grew worse throughout the day.

Police claim that Jensen attempted to “disguise himself” by travelling to the Gilberts’ Merrylands home while wearing a black cap and a grey hooded jumper with a conspicuous black emblem, according to Doherty.

He said that Jensen, 32, aggressively assaulted Ms. Gilbert with a “bladed instrument” when he went to the house where Ms. Gilbert was alone.

Additionally, he claimed Jensen removed a dark jumper from the house and covered his grey hooded jumper with it.

Then, according to reports, Jensen threw away his gear, including the dark sweater, the logo-embellished grey hoodie, and possibly the firearm.

Police said he also rode a black, white, and red mountain bike to a nearby address after leaving the Merrylands residence.

We will claim that this man committed the murder alone, Doherty added.
Doherty claimed that officers had spoken to Ms. Gilbert’s family, who were experiencing a range of emotions.

She still had life ahead of her, and it was sadly taken from her.

The mountain bike, the abandoned gear, and the weapon are all the subject of a police appeal.

“Police will claim that we have a substantial body of proof. There is substantial forensic evidence as well as direct evidence, so it is somewhat of a circumstantial brief, he added.


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