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Israeli government has urged NATO to take action against Iran

On Thursday, Israeli President Isaac Herzog called on NATO to take a harder stance against Iran in light of Tehran’s provision of drones to Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

“The issue there stretches beyond the bounds of Ukraine, with the Iranian menace now at Europe’s doorstep,” Herzog said while visiting NATO headquarters in Brussels.

“The pretence of separation breaks down. Economic, legal, and political sanctions, as well as real military deterrence, must all be used by NATO in its fight against the Iranian dictatorship.”

On Thursday, the Israeli nation’s titular head became the first Israeli president to brief NATO’s highest decision-making body.

A number of Western allies have urged Israel to adopt a harder line against Russia in the Ukraine conflict.

However, Israel has been hesitant to equip Kyiv for fear of upsetting Moscow, a major player in Syria’s neighbourhood.

Herzog, without directly blaming Russia, stated, “A dreadful conflict continues to create unnecessary human misery and jeopardise the well-being and welfare of millions.”

As they fight for their nation and their homes, the people of Ukraine remain in our thoughts and prayers.

NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg said he and Herzog spoke about the alliance’s “support for Ukraine.”

According to him, “NATO friends and partners are working to support the Ukrainian people’s right to self defence” as they protect their country.

According to the NATO secretary general, Herzog’s trip was evidence of a “deepening collaboration” between the US-led alliance and Israel.

Herzog mentioned increasing collaboration to address cyber security, space threats, drones, and energy security.

He predicted that “in just a few of months,” the two parties will sign a new cooperation agreement that would extend the duration and scope of their collaboration.

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