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Melbourne Victory was fined Aus$550,000 for injuring a goalie

An Australian club has been hit with a world-record sanction for an on-field incident of violence.

On Tuesday, Melbourne Victory, an Australian team, was fined an A-League record Aus$550,000 (US$380,000) and threatened with a 10-point loss for a violent pitch invasion that wounded a goalie.

Terrible incidents in which football supporters invaded the pitch forced last month’s derby between Victory and Melbourne City to be abandoned, leading to the resulting penalty.

Tom Glover, the City goalkeeper, was severely injured by a metal bucket full of sand that a Victory fan hurled at him. Glover suffered a deep laceration and was knocked unconscious.

Melbourne Victory was fined Aus$550,000 for injuring a goalie.

Additionally, a television cameraman and the referee were harmed.

Football Australia responded to significant fan behavior by suspending points until the conclusion of the 2025-26 season and imposing a fine.

James Johnson, CEO of the governing organization, called it “the worst spectacle ever experienced in the sport in the nation.”

Because of the “inexcusable behaviour of several persons,” Football Australia has decided that the Melbourne Victory Football Club has committed a “severe infringement” of its rules and regulations, he said.

Our punishments for Melbourne Victory are unprecedented in the history of the Australian Football League. We hope that they will deter this kind of behavior and the players who engage in it.

Additionally, “they are a part of a larger reaction to this event that has seen 17 bans imposed against people to far, including three lifetime bans,” he said.

Melbourne Victory was fined
Melbourne Victory was fined Aus$550,000 for injuring a goalie.

In addition, Victory supporters will not be offered reserved seats at away games, and certain sections of Melbourne’s AAMI Park will be closed for the remainder of the season as a result of the punishments.

The club issued a statement saying it will follow the FA’s directive and work towards creating “a secure atmosphere for players, spectators, and everyone involved” for future matches.

Further, “the club would like to stress that the activities saw during the Melbourne derby in December have no place in sport and the club has zero tolerance for any violent or anti-social behaviour,” it said.

After being postponed in the first half with City ahead 1-0, the match will resume in April, starting from the 22nd minute.

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