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Next election to be held as per constitution in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina promised a fair election in accordance with the country’s constitution today during a visit from four members of the British All-Party Parliamentary Group.

At a press conference after a call at the Prime Minister’s Office, Ihsanul Karim cited the prime minister as stating, “The next election would be conducted as per the constitution” (PMO).

Four people from the United Kingdom serve in parliament: Rushanara Ali, Jonathan Reynolds, Mohammed Yasin, and Tom Hunt.

According to the press secretary, the prime minister has said that the Election Commission of Bangladesh is entirely autonomous.

“Our form of government closely resembles the Westminster model. An election observer’s presence would not be an issue for us “she revealed to the British parliament.

Sheikh Hasina said that the Awami League (AL) has a history of battling to restore democracy during periods of military control.

She said that former military tyrants would seize power by force and then enter politics through the back door by forming political parties.

Sheikh Hasina pleaded with British lawmakers to intervene in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, stating that nations like Bangladesh are suffering as a consequence of sanctions and countersanctions.

She said that Ukraine was once a major supplier of food, oil, and other necessities. However, “because to the conflict, imports of such commodities are being impeded resulting in their price spike,” she said.

Bangladesh’s government has established one hundred economic zones around the country, and the prime minister has called for British businesspeople to invest in them.

She assured me that “we would welcome the UK investment there.”

British lawmakers have complimented Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for bringing unparalleled infrastructure improvements to Bangladesh.

The press secretary claimed that the visitors “very praised” the improvement in transportation infrastructure, “especially” the Metro Rail, Padma Bridge, and Bangabandhu Tunnel.

The members of the British parliament are of the opinion that these facilities will be crucial to Bangladesh’s progress.

They added that Britain saw Bangladesh as a development partner and that the two countries should collaborate for the latter’s progress.

The Bangladeshi community in the UK was praised for its positive impact on the economy and its work ethic.

British legislators have also shown a willingness to collaborate with Bangladesh on climate change.

Ihsanul Karim said that they also spoke about Bangladesh’s upcoming general election.

Sheikh Hasina, the prime minister of Bangladesh, was grateful to the United Kingdom for its help in combating climate change.

She assured the public that the government is actively working to address climate change by implementing its own adaptation and mitigation initiatives.

She said that Bangabandhu had kicked things off by planting trees along the shore and building a multifunctional cyclone shelter, as well as training 75,000 volunteers to help out.

Sheikh Hasina thanked the Queen for protecting the commonwealth states and for paying close attention to Bangladesh.

She also told the British prime minister that she was thinking about him.

Attendees included British High Commissioner to Bangladesh Robert Chatterton Dickson and Ambassador-at-Large M Ziauddin, as well as PM’s Principal Secretary M Tofazzel Hossain Miah.

News Source: BSS news

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