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Opened Australia’s Longest Underground Motorway in Sydney

Finally Sydney’s longest continuous underground motorway just opened for public on Friday.

On Friday morning, a connection between the M4 at Haberfield and the M8 at St. Peters opened, bringing the WestConnex project one step closer to its planned final completion in 2025.

Australias Longest Underground Motorway5

With the commissioning of the massive WestConnex motorway, drivers from Western Sydney to Mascot may now save 40 minutes and skip 52 sets of traffic lights.

Australia’s longest continuous subterranean motorway, which runs from the M4 in Haberfield to the M8 in St. Peters, opened to traffic at 3 in the morning on Friday. Tens of thousands of cars are scheduled to be diverted off Parramatta Road every day according to the ambitious $3.2 billion tunnels, which include 22 kilometres of subterranean highways.

Australias Longest Underground Motorway 4
Australias Longest Underground Motorway

Prices to utilise the M4-M8 connection range from $5.65 for cars to $16.95 for trucks. The maximum amount a motorist will pay to utilise the whole WestConnex system is $11.11 per car and $33.32 per truck.

All of Sydney’s toll highways have distinct fixed pricing, with the exception of WestConnex and Westlink M7, which utilise a distance-based tolling structure.

Australias Longest Underground Motorway 2
Australias Longest Underground Motorway

After starting in 2018, Premier Dominic Perrottet said the project was finished two months early.

Australias Longest Underground Motorway 3
Australias Longest Underground Motorway

The government is “completely transforming the way Sydneysiders live,” he said at a press conference, and “this vital new link will save motorists up to 40 minutes on their journey between Western Sydney and Sydney Airport, bypassing 52 sets of traffic lights by travelling through 22 kilometres of tunnels deep under the city.”

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