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Six stabbed at Gare du Nord railway station in Paris

On Wednesday morning at the Gare du Nord railway station in Paris, a man assaulted and injured six people, leaving one with critical wounds, before being shot by off duty police officers, according to the authorities.

At 06:42 CET (05:42 GMT), Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin informed reporters that a man had assaulted passengers both outside and inside the station with what seemed to be a homemade weapon. The police had previously said that the suspect had utilised a bladed object. Source: Reuters

Darmanin said that three shots were fired at the assailant within a minute by off-duty police officers coming home after a night shift.

The Eurostar train from London arrives at Gare du Nord, one of the busiest railway terminals in Europe, which serves as a significant gateway to the north of the continent.

Darmanin replied that a criminal enquiry had been launched, but that no investigation for terrorism had been launched as of yet when asked about probable terrorist motivations.

He said that the assailant, who was hospitalised with critical injuries, had made no sound and produced no identification documents during the incident. According to Darmanin, one of the six wounded is a police officer.

After the assault, police sealed off the area. When asked about train service, Radio France Internationale reported that SNCF confirmed that everything was running well.

A guy who assaulted police with a knife at the Gare du Nord station in February 2022 resulted in his death. An individual who had attacked two persons at the Marseille railway station in October 2017 was shot and killed by troops.

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