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Sydney is the world’s second-best vacation spot: survey

Sydney is the world’s second-best vacation spot, according to a recent survey.

Sydney has been ranked as the world’s second-best tourist destination for 2023 by Airbnb, now that airports are reopening and flights are once again being scheduled. Better still, we were victorious against Melbourne. To the southerners: take that.

Opera House
Opera House
Photo Credit: Porni Mollick

This, we are aware of. It’s quite a lot.

Airbnb based its conclusion on the number of queries that would be entered through its search bar in the year 2022. The website that provides lodgings for tourists has revealed the most sought-after places in the world right now, based on search trends. In 2023, these 10 cities will be among the most exciting additions to the list:

1. Málaga, Spain
2. Sydney, Australia
3. Melbourne, Australia
4. Auckland, New Zealand
5. Bangkok, Thailand
6. Queenstown, New Zealand
7. Florianópolis, Brazil
8. Porto Seguro, Brazil
9. Perth, Australia
10. Salvador, Brazil

We came in second for the second year in a row. Last year Bangkok came out on top, but this year the Spanish city of Málaga grabbed the cake.

beaches in
Beaches in Greater Sydney Photo Credit: Porni Mollick
beaches in
Beaches in Greater Sydney Photo Credit: Porni Mollick

Placed third was Melbourne, followed by Auckland, Bangkok, Queenstown, Florianópolis, and Porto Seguro in Brazil, and Perth.

Sea Cliff
Sea Cliff Bridge

When the whole globe is on the line, second place isn’t bad, and we weren’t exactly shocked to hear this travel news. We know there is no better city to be in than this one, what with its crystal clear coves and pristine beaches, its countless bush walks and incredible views, and its vivaciously diverse food, music, and art scenes (which only get jazzier by the day) and the incredible rainbow wonders of World Pride coming to our shiny shores in February.

Kangaroos in
Kangaroos in Sydney

Knowing that others all across the globe share my sentiments is reassuring.

beaches in
Beaches in Greater Sydney

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