Taylor Martin, a NSW Liberal MP, issues an apology over texts she sent to a female Liberal Party member

Taylor Martin, a NSW Liberal MP, issues an apology over texts she sent to a female Liberal Party member

Taylor Martin, a NSW Liberal MP is a big issue. A NSW Liberal MP who is accused of sending a female party official vulgar text messages has expressed regret for what he calls a “ugly and undignified parting of ways”. Following the woman with whom he had a relationship filing a formal complaint with the Liberal Party, Taylor Martin withdrew from the party room. According to The Australian News, the complainant was a woman in the party, and the claims date back to Mr. Martin’s earlier days as a staff member in the federal legislature.

Taylor Martin a NSW Liberal MP
Taylor Martin a NSW Liberal MP

Taylor Martin, a NSW Liberal MP 

“I was young and inexperienced and I found myself involved in a situation that was way beyond me,” said Mr. Martin, who is now 32, in a statement. “I really regret the angry comments exchanged during my attempts to part ways.

“It was a disgraceful and terrible breakup. If I had the power to undo any harm that has been done, I would do it right away.

“I am so sorry and sincerely apologise to everyone who has been affected by it.”

Since Mike Gallacher, a former minister of the police, withdrew from office, Mr. Martin has served in the NSW upper house.

A top counsel has been selected by the Liberal Party to carry out an impartial investigation.

According to The Australian News, Mr. Martin was only made aware of the complaint on Friday and hasn’t seen the official charges against him.

I greatly appreciate the party’s decision to start this process, and I want to fully participate, he declared.

Mark Speakman, the leader of the NSW opposition, claimed to have spoken to Mr. Martin.

For the time being, [Mr Martin] will excuse himself from the party room, he remarked.

According to a representative for the Liberal Party, the group is supporting the woman who filed the complaint.

“At all times, the party has respected the agency and wishes of the person who has come forward,” they claimed.

While the independent investigation is ongoing, the topic is being treated in confidence, and the party won’t be making any more comments.

Chris Minns, the premier of NSW, claimed he didn’t know enough about the facts of the case to make any specific comments.

For anyone who are worried or have a problem they wish to report, the New South Wales Parliament has an independent complaints officer, he added. “I would urge people to use that process, not just in relation to that MP, but it might be a Labour MP that a staff member or an MP is worried about,” the speaker said.

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