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US medical transport aeroplane crash killed 5

On Saturday, the operator of a medical transport aircraft reported that US medical transport aeroplane crash and all five people aboard had been killed in a crash in the western US state of Nevada.

As of Friday night, the jet was last seen outside the dry town of Stagecoach, Nevada, close to the state’s border with California, according to a statement released by REMSA Health.

Central Lyon County Fire Department has confirmed that none of the five individuals on board survived, the statement stated, adding that the news was “heartbreaking.”

REMSA Health said that in addition to the pilot, there were a nurse, a paramedic, a patient, and a patient’s family member on board the aircraft.

No one knows for sure what caused the disaster, but it happened as a massive winter storm pounded the west coast of the United States, dumping feet of snow on the high mountains and covering normally warm locations in southern California.

On Saturday night, reported that almost 100,000 California residents were without electricity.

Sections of Interstate 5, the primary north-south roadway connecting Mexico, California, the Pacific Northwest, and Canada, were blocked due to ice and snow.

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