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US university shooting leaves 3 dead and injured 5

On Monday, a shooter at a university in the United States killed three people and injured five more before leaving the scene, according to local police. In US university shooting and death 3 people and injured 5.

Shortly after 8 p.m. local time, a suspect opened fire inside a building at Michigan State University, according to Chris Rozman, temporary deputy chief of campus police.

‘The shooter then fled on foot to another building, from where he or she fired further bullets.’

There have been “three verified deaths,” according to a tweet from the Michigan State University police. We now have six people in the hospital, in addition to the five who were already there.

As Rozman explained to the press, several of the injured had potentially fatal wounds.

The suspect was depicted in a picture issued by police as a small Black male with red shoes, a denim jacket, and a baseball hat.

Hundreds of state, municipal, and federal law enforcement authorities are presently on campus working together to secure the university and locate the suspect, as Rozman put it.

As soon as police arrived, they told the students and faculty to take cover in the building.

All events on campus are cancelled for the next two days, according to authorities.

Police were trying to secure the area while Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan was informed on the situation.

She tweeted, using the school’s mascot as an image, “Let’s wrap our arms around the Spartan community tonight.”

As part of a larger wave of gun violence in the United States, which has seen an increase in the availability of weapons, mass shootings at schools and universities have become all too typical.

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